A green, cool, and beautiful environment is the key to a healthy life. Lush trees and beautiful gardens deliver such serenity and comfort in a residential place. Graha Natura is an ideal domicile for you who yearn for a healthy and good quality life.

About Graha Natura

Graha Natura is commenced by Intiland’s awareness of increasing people’s quality of life and environment. The very low number of comfortable and healthy residential areas in big cities moved Intiland to start Graha Natura project which sets out Nature Healthy Living and Technology concept. Built on an 80 Ha area in West Surabaya, Graha Natura works together with a number of scientific institutes such as the developer of Kebun Raya Purwodadi and Seameo Biotrop (South East Asia Regional Centre for Biological Tropical) for environment conservation program which takes place almost half of the green open space all around the residential area. Through this collaboration, Graha Natura plants 10.000 trees out of 1000 or 25% species of trees that exist in Indonesia. One of the programs being conducted is the planting of mango variety garden through a program called “Kebun Mangga Persahabatan”, a program included as a way of environment conservation and education offered by Graha Natura.

The environment and landscape design of Graha Natura was entrusted to an international designer, Karl Princic, in order to create an area which is cool and also organized beautifully with a lot of green open space and big tree surroundings, giving countless oxygen supply (O2) which optimizes the quality of the homeowner's healthy lifestyle. Graha Natura is also committed to realize a healthier, waste-free residential area by building Integrated Sewage Treatment Plant (ISTP) which could centrally treat both liquid and solid waste from households. Through this technology application, every house in Graha Natura is free from septic tank.

In the first step, Graha Natura is comprised of four private clusters, apartment, school, club house, and commercial area.

Award Obtained

Housing Estate Green Property Award 2013

Green Infrastructure & Green Open Space

Housing Estate Green Property Award (GPA) is an award given by Housing Estate magazine to eight landed residentials which are considered capable of developing and applying [kaidah] eco-friendly in Jabodetabek, Bandung, and Surabaya. This award has been held annually for the fifth time since 2009.

Cluster Morning Glory, Graha Natura (80 Ha) Surabaya won an award for the green infrastructure & green open space criteria, a medium scale landed residential category (>20 - 100 Ha), for a provision of the integrated sewage treatment plant (ISTP) and the allocation of sufficient Green Open Space (GOS) with a variety of trees as a way to conserve the environment as well as to be an educational media.

Indocement Green Development 2014 The Best Project Development in East Java

The Best Project Development in East Java

Indocement Award is an award to developers, contractors, architects, academics, researchers, undergraduates, and anyone who has been successful in showing their works, innovation, and creativity in the construction world of Indonesia. This award is arranged and held by PT Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa Tbk once every two years, since 2008.

Graha Natura Residence in Surabaya was the winner of Indocement Award 2014 because it was considered to be successful in developing the principles of sustainable development and green development.

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