Park Course

It is a luxury when a residential area in a crowded city owns an environment with lush trees and gardens. As a privilege from Graha Natura, we accomodate the homeowners to enjoy the surrounding environment. We comprehend the importance of maintaining healthy life as one of city people’s needs in this era. Therefore, we provide park course or outdoor gym to answer those needs.

Jogging Track

Graha Natura also provides jogging track which is surrounded by large and lush trees so that you can do your fitness exercises comfortably.

1.000 types of trees

As our commitment to conserve the nature and environment of the city, we present 10.000 trees from 1000 species of trees so that you can enjoy the green and cool environment and to understand the biodiversity that we offer.

Commercial Area

A residential area is incomplete without shopping area. Therefore, Graha Natura provides commercial area to fulfill the needs of your daily life.