Educational institutions

A good education for the next generation is the main concern of many people. To comply the needs of your children’s education, Margie School, which can be found inside the complex of Graha Natura, is ready to guide and educate your children. Aside of Margie School, you can also find several prestigious educational institutions around Graha Natura.

Kebun Mangga Persahabatan (Mango Garden)

As one of Graha Natura’s commitment in conserving nature and trees, Graha Natura presents Kebun Mangga Persahabatan. Variety of Mango trees is chosen as one of the eminent variety of plant in Surabaya’s climate, especially in Lontar area. This mango garden is also one way of collaborative work by Graha Natura and its shareholders. Kebun Mangga Persahabatan presents 60 kinds of mango trees which exist in Indonesia and outside Indonesia. It is planned to be present in every available cluster.